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Standard Orange and Natural UHMWPE Sheet
Standard Orange and Natural UHMWPE Sheet
Update: 2017-2-15      

UHMWPE Sheet have different grade and can be made into different color.Due to producing uhmwpe sheet need a righ experience, so it need a very old history manufacture which can produce them well.
Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd is the leading supplier for the uhmwpe sheets with nearly 20 years history. If you have more requirements on the UHMWPE Sheets, please contact us.

XINXING produce all kinds of UHMWPE Sheet including White PE 1000 Sheet/plate/pad/panel/board, PE 500 SHEET, PE 300 SHEET and parts. Both UHMWPE and HDPE sheet, rod, parts is available with us.

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,LTD. is the leading manufacture for Green UHMWPE Sheet ,UHMWPE Sheet ,UHMW Sheet ,food grade UHMWPE Sheet with nearly 20 years history .All kinds of UHMWPE Sheets is available here

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,LTD. is the leading manufacture for UHMWPE sheets with nealry 20 years history .We can produce various UHMWPE sheets according to customer requirements .Here have a whole family for UHMWPE Sheets .
UHMWPE sheet is one kind of high performance engineering plastic sheet , it has the good functions which other plastic sheet do not have :
Excellent abrasion resistance
Low coefficient of friction?
No moisture absorption
Corrosion resistant
Excellent noise abatement
Excellent impact strength
Maintains key physical properties to -200℃

UHMWPE Sheet different color layer type :
Single colored UHMWPE Sheet 
Dural colored UHMWPE Sheet 
Rubber coated UHMWPE Sheet

UHMWPE Sheet different character type :
Anti-static UHMWPE Sheet  (AST UHMWPE Sheet )
Self-lubricating UHMWPE Sheet (SL UHMWPE Sheet )
Tivar88 equaled UHMWPE Liner (T88 UHMWPE Sheet )
Flame-retardant UHMWPE Sheet (FR UHMWPE Sheet )
Boron UHMWPE Plate (BO UHMWPE Plate )
Anti-slip UHMWPE Sheet (AS UHMWPE Sheet)
Ceramic filled UHMWPE Sheet (CF UHMWPE Sheet)
Glass filled UHMWPE Sheet (GF UHMWPE Sheet )
Fender Grade UHMWPE Sheet (FG UHMWPE Sheet )

UHMWPE Sheet Properties Type :

UHMWPE Sheet size :
10ft X 4ft  
14ft X 6ft
16ft X 4ft 
2000X1000MM ,3000X1500MM ,3050X1220MM,4000X2500MM,5000X1300MM,6000X1800MM,3000X2000MM,6000X2000MM.4700X1200MM,3000X2500MM 
Thickness : 6mm -300mm 
Cut to size sevrice is provided according to customer requirements .
UHMWPE Sheet color :
Natural ,White ,Black ,Blue ,Orange ,Red ,Yellow ,Purple ,Green ,Grey and other customer color 
UHMWPE Sheet application:


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