Extruded HDPE Block, HDPE Sheet ,HDPE Panel
Extruded HDPE Block, HDPE Sheet ,HDPE Panel
Update: 2016-12-9      

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd is the largest manufacture to produce the HDPE Sheets. We own the most advanced machine and can produce more than 2m width HDPE Sheets. All HDPE Sheets made by XINXING with good surface and quality.

DPE is a shortened name for High Density Polyethylene.It is a non polar thermoplastic plastic with high crystallinity and perfect electrical properties,especially the high insulation dielectric strengh.This polymer is non-hygroscopic which can be used to packing with good waterproof steam.HDPE with Middle to high molecure weight have good impact resistance at normal temperature even in the zero 40 degree Celisius.
Its surface won't wrinkle and is weather resistant.Because it is durable it has a long service life and acts as a flexible hinge that won't break.Our HDPE sheets can be customes produce to match specific colors,thickness,size and finish.

Size range :
Length :no limited 
Width : 0-2300mm 
Thickness :1-200mm 
Popular size :2440X1220MM ,2000X1000MM 
Color :Can be made to customer color

*good impact resistance
*low temperature 
*chemical stability
*electric insulation
*reistant to acid,alkali,salt aqueous
*Used as anti-erode machines components
*insulation material
*soundproff material for air-conditioner
*rink enclosure
*food machine


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