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6-8MM Yellow UHMWPE Sheets
6-8MM Yellow UHMWPE Sheets
Update: 2017-1-18      

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd produce all kinds of uhmwpe sheets like yellow uhmwpe sheet, green uhmwpe sheet, blue uhmwpe sheet, anti-static uhmwpe sheet, fire-retardant uhmwpe sheet, self-lubricating uhmwpe sheets and other uhmwpe sheets with special characters.

UHMWPE sheet is one kind of high performance engineering plastic sheet , it has the good functions which other plastic sheet do not have :
Excellent abrasion resistance
Low coefficient of friction?
No moisture absorption
Corrosion resistant
Excellent noise abatement
Excellent impact strength
Maintains key physical properties to -200℃

UHMWPE Sheet different color layer type :
Single colored UHMWPE Sheet 
Dural colored UHMWPE Sheet 
Rubber coated UHMWPE Sheet

UHMWPE Sheet different character type :
Anti-static UHMWPE Sheet  (AST UHMWPE Sheet )
Self-lubricating UHMWPE Sheet (SL UHMWPE Sheet )
Tivar88 equaled UHMWPE Liner (T88 UHMWPE Sheet )
Flame-retardant UHMWPE Sheet (FR UHMWPE Sheet )
Boron UHMWPE Plate (BO UHMWPE Plate )
Anti-slip UHMWPE Sheet (AS UHMWPE Sheet)
Ceramic filled UHMWPE Sheet (CF UHMWPE Sheet)
Glass filled UHMWPE Sheet (GF UHMWPE Sheet )
Fender Grade UHMWPE Sheet (FG UHMWPE Sheet )

UHMWPE Sheet Properties Type :

UHMWPE Sheet size :
10ft X 4ft  
14ft X 6ft
16ft X 4ft 
2000X1000MM ,3000X1500MM ,3050X1220MM,4000X2500MM,5000X1300MM,6000X1800MM,3000X2000MM,6000X2000MM.4700X1200MM,3000X2500MM 
Thickness : 6mm -300mm 
Cut to size sevrice is provided according to customer requirements .
UHMWPE Sheet color :
Natural ,White ,Black ,Blue ,Orange ,Red ,Yellow ,Purple ,Green ,Grey and other customer color 


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