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XINXING now is the largest manufacture for the crane outrigger pads. Now we are try to find crane outrigger pads wordwide.If you are interested in our products, welcome inquires and we believe th
We have done testing through SGS on the UHMWPE Fender pads /UHMW-PE plates on the UHMWPE Fender pads.Russia customer is very satisfied with the results of the testing. As the leading manufacture
One 20ft container of ground protection mats was finished and ready to ship to Australia on 12th,January,2017. Our Australia customer placed one container of ground mats 20 days ago.Now all is re
Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd have developed a new design for crane outrigger pads. The outrigger pads both side with antislip pattern and rough surface to make sure the safety of the
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